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Complimentary Listing:

Our Complimentary listing is at no charge and includes your business name, address, phone and fax numbers.

To get your complimentary listing you should contact Lake George Area Vacations by E-mail with a contact name, business name, address, phone and fax numbers, your sites URL and E-mail address. If you intend to add a link from your site back to Lake George Area Vacations, also include a short description of your business.

Choose from one of our annual listing options:

The following options are available if you would like additional exposure for your web site on Lake George Area Vacations:

Option 1: In-line link and description $65.00.

Option 2: We are offering a Resorts top of the page photo listing for only $30.00 in addition to your in line description and link. You may include two photos of your choice and a description of about 30 words

Option 3: Includes an in-line link and description plus a 125 X 125* banner add link to our Featured Sites at the side of the page of your choice (Excludes LGAV main page) for an annual fee of only $85.00.

Option 4: Includes all of the above and a banner on a second page of your choice. (Excludes LGAV main page) Price $145.00.

Option 5: Customize your advertising on Lake George Area Vacations. Prime locations are available on our main page and in the pictures at the top of each page. (see our camping page and Brookwood's image.) For more information and pricing please contact us at LGV Associates for prices and available positions.

*If you don’t have a banner this size, there is a one time set up charge of $50.00** for a static banner and $85.00** for an animated banner(3 panels.)

* Year runs from Feb. 1st - January 31st All adds expire on January 31st unless they are renewed. All paid links being listed now will expire on Jan. 31st.

** Pricing for setting up banners is only for the use of the banner on the LGVA site. The actual graphic remains the property of LGAV and may not be used for any other purpose without the written permission of LGAV.

Private Lake George Vacation Rentals:

If you own a private Vacation Rental in the Lake George region you may also have it listed on Lake George Area Vacations. Contact us by e-mail for additional information.

To Our Advertisers:

Lake George-Vacations does not use frames on our site for referral links. We realize that you put in a lot of effort and cost in developing your web site. When you get a referral from Lake George-Vacations you will have the visitors undivided attention with a full view of your web page in its own window. This will also give the visitor the ability to save your web page as a Favorite or to Bookmark it.

The key to advertising is exposure and Internet advertising is still relatively inexpensive as compared to other types of ads. So having your link show up on as many places as possible is important as long as it is economical. We are offering you the opportunity for one more very economical, and we think better, way to present your Lake George business on a site that we believe will grow into one of the premier sites for the Lake George region.

We hope you will join us.

If you have any questions about our site or suggestions for additional pages, please e-mail us. Information.

Your Lake George-Vacations Team.

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