Lake George Fishing

Lake George Fishing

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Lake George fishing offers the avid angler as well as the novice plenty of fishing opportunities. When you come to Lake George you can enjoy Lake George fishing of your choice anywhere on the lake.

Lake George boasts of some of the best Lake Trout fishing in the northeast and even novice fishermenLake George Fishing for Lake Trout and Salmon. can catch trophy Lake Trout with the help of a good charter Captain.

Lake Trout, Landlocked Salmon, Smallmouth Bass, Pickerel, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Bullhead, Yellow Perch, Rock Bass and Blue Gills are the most abundant species found in Lake George.

Lake George fishing can be a lot of fun for the kids. A pole, line, hook and a can of worms is all you need to give them a great time catching a nice stringer of pan fish. Itís also a good opportunity to teach them the benefits of catch and release and to keep no more fish than you will use.

You donít have to own a bass boat and three tackle boxes full of lures to enjoy bass fishing on Lake George. Minnows, crayfish, hellgrammites and even worms will work just fine on Lake George bass.

The early spring is a good time to do some Salmon and Lake Trout fishing on Lake George. Just after ice out you will find Lake Trout and Salmon near the surface and trolling at a shallow depth with a small spoon can be very effective. At this time of year try to stay in areas where streams run into the lake for the best fishing. Larger fish hang out in these areas to feed on the smelt which are moving into the streams to spawn.

By mid to late June the Lake Trout will start to go deep so special equipment will be needed to catch them. The "old timers" jig for Lake Trout using copper or lead core line with a silver spoon while trolling slowly or drifting. But the most effective way to catch Lake George lake trout is to troll with down riggers. If you donít have this type of equipment or if you even forgot to pack your pole you can still do some Lake Trout fishing on your visit to Lake George by going fishing with a Lake George charter fishing guide.

Lake George charter fishing guides supply all the equipment you'll need and know where and how to catch the big ones. Some guides even guarantee you will catch fish. So be sure to enjoy some Lake George fishing while you are here on your Lake George vacation.


Lake George Charter Fishing
Lake George Bait and Tackle Shops

  Justy-Joe Charters
30 Iris Avenue
South Glens Falls,
New York ~ 12803

Lockhart Guide Service
2 Lake Road,
Diamond Point, NY 12824
(888) 848-5253
  Silver Bay Guideboat
& Canoe Co.

7972 Lake Shore Drive
Hague, NY 12874
Tony Bass Guide Service
(201) 757-4517
  M&M Bait & Tackle
326 Canada Street
Lake George, NY 12845
(518) 668-2824
Jeff's Lake George Fishing Charter
Bolton Landing
Phone: (518) 644-3312


Lake George Interesting Fishing Facts

A lake trout isn't a trout at all.. It's a char. The most obvious difference between a char and a trout is its coloring. Char have light markings on a darker background; salmon and trout have dark markings on a lighter background.



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